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  1. SwordofGideon

    The Three 'B's

    How is everyone doing on the challenges?
  2. SwordofGideon


    I am at the part of the "Hitler's Revolution" where we see the treachery of those spineless men who turned coat on their great nation playing a major part in the downfall of the Reich and the slaughter of millions of our Aryan brothers. It sickens me to read it.
  3. SwordofGideon

    Paramilitary Activist Manual

    Nice! Will check this out!
  4. SwordofGideon

    The 14 Words

    Very well said. Not many can receive it. Most talk a lot of talk but become strangely silent when niggers are moving balls around on a field.
  5. SwordofGideon

    The Jubilee - Rough Patch/Sowing Season

    It needs to be said that a Jubilee only works for a pure nation of Israel, in my opinion; as a mongrelized nation would rack up as much debt as possible before that day. But imagine a year of rest? A year of brotherhood? Imagine having a solid year to spend with the family with no thought or...
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    I came across this gem in my daily reading of MK; I hope its not sacrilege but I changed the words to fit our circumstances;
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    The Jubilee - Rough Patch/Sowing Season

    BTW, does the CJCC believe in dispensationalism or non-dispensationalism? I think I know....
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    The Jubilee - Rough Patch/Sowing Season

    My two cents; We are no longer under the law. We are under grace. Does that mean that we scrap the OT? God forbid. With that said the OT is used as an example of both evil and righteous men. Laws that if followed will have prosperous outcome for a people and nation. If not we can see a...
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    Me & Chief doing a four mile tactical. Chief was blooded on this one as he cornered a rock chuck and dispatched it to the great chuck beyond!
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    I wish I had the time and money I would segregate MK like the bible, chapters verses, headings, cross references etc......
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    All the filthy lies that have been poured into my soul when these are the words of freedom. If the Bible and Mein Kamp were required reading we would not be in this mess I guarantee it.
  12. SwordofGideon

    Even More Dumb Nigger Shit

    Imagine having to hire these things.....
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    Its so hard to find a good man.....

    She means a white Christian with a job that will raise her niglet as his own. Once you go black, we do not want you back.
  14. SwordofGideon

    Bad Cops/Bad Judges/Bad Lawyers

    I am still relatively sheltered. Its a percentages game. As long as the whites are the super majority the shitskins stay in line. But when they start to move into the ten to twenty percentile of population you can expect bad things. Today at work I tried to explain that there are nigs that...
  15. SwordofGideon

    Why Do We Tolerate Them?

    I am sure it would be an answer to many a prayer.
  16. SwordofGideon

    The Three 'B's

    I am 3/4's the way through. Everything, and I mean everything they have told us is based on lies and half truths.
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    White Man's Had Enough (Nigger Beat Down Addition)

    Not a beat down but still good....
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    Cartoon of day

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    Cartoon of day