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G. Nunes

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I discovered the CJCC while researching about C.I., specifically the belief that the Jews are not God's chosen people, but rather us, white people, who are the chosen ones. As I delved deeper into this theology, I started reading articles and books, as well as watching sermons and short films on the subject. One night, while researching Wesley A. Swift, a new journey began for me, and that’s how I came to know about the CJCC. I had already visited many churches, pastors, and groups, but the CJCC caught my attention, especially because of its solid theology and effective propaganda.

I tried to contact the CJCC, but initially received no response. The website was down, but by God's grace, I managed to find the forum through posts by Doctor and Pastor David J. Miner. (By the way, thank you for accepting me, pastor!)

I came to the forum to seek the word of God along with my brothers, to understand and practice what Our Lord taught us and what was taken from us by the children of Satan. Even being on the other side of the world, I remain steadfast in the word of the Lord and persistent in preserving the racial and spiritual heritage that was given to me. Being a Christian in a country where disorder, miscegenation, and the proliferation of rats are seen as positive is extremely challenging. However, I remain firm, like Samson facing Goliath. ✝️🇬🇧🇵🇹❤️‍🔥⚔️🩸
Yes...of course welcome to you G.....if not yet read, "Which Way Western Man" & "The Turner Diaries", yes "88 Precepts, & All Pro White Books that are for the advancement of our White Race.. Do chk.out Christian Identity approved pastors and their videos on Gen 3:15 - John 8:44 recommended here ...and...the Holy Bible KJV....
Saw the "Jack" ......Really now?..."Erin Go Braugh" ☘️83✌️