Joseph Hirt a Jew said he fabricated his HOLOHOAX story

Pastor David J. Miner

Staff member
Joseph Hirt said he fabricated story of being sent to camp and meeting Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to keep memories alive about history of the “Holocaust”.

He’s a lying JEW! Busted!!!!

Take your HOLOHOAX and shove it where the sun don’t shine, KIKES!
juuuu admits it lied about the Holy Hoax ?
Hmmm...didn't make enough money off it ? Too many juuuuu making money off it !.....pie cut too thin.
What happens to Holy HOAX b.s. in100 years with no juuuu"survivors" left, to go on with it ? Will Holy HOAX finally die ? ..........
I read Diary of Anne Frank where? That's right, required reading in middle school. Schindler's List? Watched it in history class in high school. Both are works of fiction and if you try to tell the sleeping majority that they lose their heads. But it is true. Damned liars every hooked nose one.