Pedophilia It's all legal in Mexico

Pastor David J. Miner

Staff member
The lefties tell us that diversity is our strength.

They say that exposure to the wondrous mexican "culture" will "enrich" our lives. This insanity is but one of the thousands of myths promoted for decades, at the expense of white people, with the ultimate goal of murdering our race.

To be a leftist in modern America, your required to have selective vision.

You must train yourself to ignore the crime and the vast multitude of evils the shitskin races commit. Or at the very least, make up hundreds of creative excuses to explain why that spic had to have sex with a puppy, or rape that 91 year old grandmother, or that 9 year old girl, or that corpse!

If lefties are having trouble finding the right excuse, they always resort to the default argument: It's not the spic's fault that he is raping, murdering, robbing & selling drugs, it's whiteys! If we would all hold hands with the shits & sing "Kumbaya" our Lord and savior Martian Lucifer Koon will save whitey from his sins against the "innocent" mud people of the world.

Communist-orchestrated myths are extremely easy to debunk; all that is needed is the testicular fortitude to honestly evaluate these vile creatures. We will now examine a certain not so "enriching" element of mexishit society that the lefties prefer we didn't talk about.
Most people don’t know that the age of sexual consent in Mexico would be a Felony rape charge in America! Mexico has 32 legal Jurisdictions with laws that vary by location but here is the breakdown:

The age of consent in one Jurisdiction is 15.

The age of consent in seven Jurisdictions is 14.

The age of consent in one Jurisdiction is 13.

The age of sexual consent in 21 of mexico’s Jurisdictions is 12.

Two mexican Jurisdictions don’t even have an age of consent, allowing the child to get sold and raped when they reach Puberty.

It's a pedophiles dream: defiling young children is legal in Mexico!

Now picture these illegal alien pedophile-filth coming to America.

These non-white thugs grew up in a culture where it is legally and socially acceptable to rape young children. A turd-world of a country that openly encourages sexual predators.

Will these invaders, after illegal entry into this country, just discard their perverted Mexican roots?


Will the alien invaders suddenly take on American values that respect children?


The Mexican perverts continue their vile activities in their newly found home of your neighborhood! They have continued to target children, but now in your community and maybe even your daughter!

To someone raised in Mexico it is perfectly legal to marry children.

The corrupt turd-world of Mexico is a heaven for pedophiles.

As they say, everything is legal in mexico! Bribery and corruption have always been the business of the day. Mexican perverts that target children under the age of 12 can easily get out of criminal charges with the proper bribes to pay off the poorly paid mexican officials.

This is the real reason why the Mexishit invaders are breeding so very quickly: they’re forcing children to make children. The US government should round up all 20 million of these roaches and force them across the border at the point of a bloody bayonet!
Trump claims he is going to round them all up if elected. I say, if he had built the wall like he said he would we might not be in this situation. Who are we kidding, they would have just opened every gate and let them pass. We just had our latest round of new hires, two nigs, three shitskins and one purple haired woman. (y)