Who We Are?

Pastor David J. Miner

Staff member
Aryan Nations is not some right-wing political party, nor is it some racist prison gang, or anything of the sort. We are a Christian Identity association, meaning we believe & practice the tenets of true Christianity that is for our people & to our people. Aryan Nations is the political expression of its Church, the Church of Jesus Christ Christian; & its mission is to witness to our Folk the Gospel of the Kingdom of God & His Truth. We believe His Truth to be both Racial & Spiritual. It is the continuing work of Jesus Christ & the Apostles to the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel"-Christendom-the White Race. Visit our World Headquarters Website for more information on Who We Are… and What Christian Identity is. For those interested in joining Aryan Nations, feel free and submit a Membership Application. You can also visit our Blog.
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