Why We Hate?

Pastor David J. Miner

Staff member
Why all the hatred toward non-whites? Why is Aryan Nations sick and tired of non-whites and speak of them with malice? Why do we rant and rave about them being barely human?

Well, because we are being crushed under endless taxes and fees while our states goes bankrupt supplying a never ending stream of social entitlements to slothful mud-runting
savages who never rise up out the mire.

We seethe with anger watching waves of ethnic crime sweep through our nation and we burn with rage when these predators have the utter nerve to claim it is their cultural right to prey upon those that work and pay for the social entitlements they enjoy. We loathe and despise the fact that affirmative action guarantees the slothful non-White a college education; a home loan, with out the need for a down payment, nor repayment; and a job without regard to ability.

We are sick and tired of being inundated with non-English signs, banners, manual, posters, and voice mail in a land where there is a written contract in English between the governed and governing.

We are disgusted watching the young of today be enthralled by non-White gang adoration as they sit on their couches staring at MTV while waiting for their next drug score laughing at the absurdity of illegal drug use and the huge transfer of wealth to countries that are little more than cesspools filled with social vermin.

We remember the better times, when crime was less, productivity was high, and the nation thrived. Those who came before us looked to the future with hope and optimism. Today, all we see is the ruin and decay brought on by non-Whites and their never ending demand for reparations and entitlements.

Indeed, not only must we suffer the burden of taxes to provide for the nonworking ever slothful non-white, we are precluded from speaking in our defense. Any form of protest against the unfairness of the situation results in being labeled a racist and or Nazi.

We are members of the most oppressed group of all. We have no group protection. There is no NAACP to go crying to when our jobs are taken and given to an under-educated Mongrel. Maldef will never stand with us in court when we are brutally assaulted by a mob of angry Mexicans. Nor is there an ADL to raise the flag of protest when our ethnicity is belittled and targeted for violence in black rap songs. We don't even have a white caucus to represent us in government.

So, we must sit in silence and watch as the nation, indeed all of the civilization, built by our forefathers is dismantled. We are forced to watch as our knowledge and history is stolen given to those who either can not or will not use it in a feeble attempt to instill ethnic pride in those that have nothing to prideful about. We huddle together as our jobs and homes are given away, sacrificed upon the altar of multiculturalism.

Aryan Nations have watched the entire country, a land that reached for the stars, built the entire modern world, go from a land of productivity and ideas to a cesspool filled with social vermin who have done nothing with the 50 years of handouts they've received. In places like California, Arizona we live in an occupied land filled with foreign fighters who are ransacking the land with abandon.
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