This is not gonna fix itself

Pastor David J. Miner

Staff member
Still find the Homopedos creeping on your children? Don’t you think it’s time to step in and say enough is enough, to say the least? It’s really gotten this far and most of society is “cool” with it. They do nothing to stop it; they are scared to say something, little alone take a stand for their own children. All of that empathy towards abominations has done nothing to help anything. In fact, things are worse, since the boomers allowed all of the Jews and Israel to run USA, the illegals in and the faggots given a freedom to run around with their balls hanging out in front of our youth, while letting the swine vote out our rights, squandering our racial inheritance into the dirt; just so they aren’t called “racist”… Does it really look like these kids are given the free-choice? So, 10/10 kids are naturally Homosexuals? No; they have been indoctrinated by abominations, who are gonna go to Hell. Simply look at Weimerica now; same dire situation as Germany in the 1920’s when Jews drove Germany into the ground. Adolf Hitler showed us the way for 12 beautiful years, what we must do. Remove the veil and be accounted for in this eternal struggle.